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artist to dig on

Ted Leo and the Pharmicists. eMusic lastFM Form the emusic page: Ted Leo is still in a class by himself when it comes to relocating and reinvigorating the fiery spirit that produced the great sounds of the ’70s and early ’80s. Too tuneful and structured for punk but too brashly energetic (not to mention politically […]

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Man, I try to write a Weezer song, and I come up with this: Whiskey Glass. It’s not a bad song. In fact, I’m pretty happy with it, for a demo. But it’s not a Weezer song. Not even close. What’s a Weezer song? Hard edged, melodic, interesting and ROCKS hard. I’ll keep working on […]

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allright, fine.

I’ll post. I’ll try to post often. Oy. Just waking up now. Maker’s Mark and RockBand conspired together last night to make me stay up till 1 am playing Xbox 360. I dig that I can get a band together at 1 am AK time, which is like 4 am for the rest of the […]

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rok en la roll

so, we played the House of Rock in Spenard this past Friday. And it was tons of fun. Had a nice little group of listeners, and we played the songs pretty well. The sound was horrible. i could BARELY hear myself sing, and started to go hoarse during the last few songs. That’s Not Good, […]

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I am listening to these guys right now, in fact

I first heard these folks on The Sounds In My Head podcast, and the name of the album grabbed me. I grabbed the album, and the first track, a long, rambling jam instrumental made me want to play music again. The rest of the album defines current pop rock at its best, in my opinon. […]

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This band has worked its way into my sound consciousness the past couple of days. I heard them on Insomnia Radio: Chicago, and they’re just LOVELY. Folk Pop that doesn’t stop being inventive, beautiful, and sweet without being boring or schmaltzy. Rue Royale: rue royale iTunes CDBaby MySpace

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when it rains, it pours

This is an album that I can listen to over and over and over. I first heard these guys on the KCRW “Morning Becomes Eclectic” Video Podcast. Simply amazing. The combination of lush, guitar-heavy arrangements and the amazing vocal style of the lead singer makes this an easy recommendation. Band of Horses – Cease to […]

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more music!

Here’s another band I have just found, and I dig them. They’re kinda sounding like Belle & Sebastian to me, and that’s not a bad thing. Pelle Carlberg – In a Nutshell eMusic iTunes

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music of the new variety

So, i run an Alaskan music podcast/blog, called theancpodcast. I belong to, a social network with several people in Anchorage that I’ve met and hang out wiht and now count to be friends. I’ve been blogging on Tribe about some music I have found that I think others there might like. I’ve decided to […]

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mario drums

I put this here mainly because I can.

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