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Crowds swarm D.C. for historic moment

Sorry I’ve been absent from this blog for a long while, but GamesAreEvil and now are swingin and rockin. Got an email from a high school buddy who lives in DC. He made it to the inauguration, and was then quoted in USA Today. Here’s the quote, then the link: Subways arriving into Washington […]

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Some good shit on privilege and how not to be a dick about it. Official Blog » Blog Archive » “Check my what?” On privilege and what we can do about it: “Revisiting ‘Politically Correct’ Your first instinct might be to dismiss words like ‘womyn’ and being asked not to use ‘gay’ as an […]

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Palin: Wrong Woman, Wrong Time

Great opinion piece up on the ADN today, about Sarah Palin. Using Sinclair Lewis to make your point? Brilliant. Best part was the last paragraph; it makes me have hope in the state I call home these days: Over-intellectualized academics and stuffed shirt attorneys shouldn’t be vice-presidents, either. But anti-intellectualism and romanticized ignorance masquerading as […]

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Stephen King, talking to Stephen King, about the whole Palin thing. – Messages from Stephen Steve: Want to talk about politics? SK: Nah, people don’t want to hear that from me. I will say that, as the scary guy, the thought of the two-year governor of Alaska becoming President if McCain got the job […]

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The Middle Class on the Precipice

It’s kind of odd to be crying unfair when you have so much more than others in the world, but here’s an interesting article on that strange creature, the American Middle Class. It basically states that the middle class is faced with its own crises, mainly having to do with economic issues beyond their control. […]

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quoted on a blog that got 55,000 hits Myster writes a blog entry about Sarah Palin: She’s not politically moderate. In fact, when it comes to social issues, Palin is almost as conservative as they come. In a 2006 gubernatorial debate, when asked to respond to a hypothetical situation in which her own daughter had been impregnated by a rapist, Palin responded […]

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Charlies Diary Id say that a prison with a suicide rate two to five times higher than normal — let alone spiking to 20 times higher than normal — has a problem. A big, festering, shitty problem. And sticking fingers in ears and chanting “theyre all terrorists, theyre in prison so they must be guilty,” […]

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