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Some eMagazines that might be nice to get for me

You know, for a birthday or such? There’s also the Kindle, which would be rockin. Seriously rockin. You can read these on a Kindle, Amazon’s new revolutionary eBook reader. A Kindle will save the countless trees and storage space that take up much of any collector’s home. I’d love to be able to get these […]

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long time, no write

So, I’ve been way busy with the band (robotJunky), the new videogaming site (gamesAreEvil) and my work (Special Ed. Service Agency). Plus, you know, parenting and husbanding and such. I’ve also been trying to keep up the reading. I feel like a more ocmplete human being when I a) read, and b) exercise. So here’s […]

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you’ve been missing me, i KNOW it.

I’ve not been blogging much here. Why not, you ask? Well, ’cause I’m involved in a new writing venture. I’m writing and editing sections of a website about video games. Here’s one piece of my writing: 360 Too Human? Too Melodramatic Demo Mini-Review | Games Are Evil: Console and Portable Gaming Magazine Which brings me […]

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little piece of your soul

Dating the childless – Single Mom at Work – Work It, Mom He, after all, knows nothing but off-the-cuff getaways, Saturday sleep-ins till close to noon, leisurely brunch with the weekend paper. My world is foreign to him; though he knows my son is everything to me, I don’t think he can possibly understand what […]

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plurk me baby

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alaska mac store

You know, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this place over the years. I always try to support local businesses when they compare favorably to the chains. If something costs a BIT more, I don’t mind paying it, just to shop locally. If it costs a LOT more, like with the Asus EeePC I just […]

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allright, fine.

I’ll post. I’ll try to post often. Oy. Just waking up now. Maker’s Mark and RockBand conspired together last night to make me stay up till 1 am playing Xbox 360. I dig that I can get a band together at 1 am AK time, which is like 4 am for the rest of the […]

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bikes, babies, bikes!

So, I’m really super excited and I have no one to share the joy with, besides my wife, who helped me with the joy and… …wait, back up. I just got my kids NEW BIKES! OMG I am so happy about it. When I was a kid, I had to wait a WHOLE year till […]

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old friends, trips and Bahston

I didn’t realize how crappy I’d been feeling about myself and my current life until I came back from Boston the other day. I came back refreshed, happy, and feeling much more confident/competent. It’s like how I heard depression described by someone close to me once. He said, “I didn’t realize how far down I’d […]

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Mobile Blogging

I’m going to try using tumblr as my main mobile blog. I’ll try and come back here and put up stuff that was interesting from the laptop, but I want to try and see how much of a snapshot I can provide from the road using tumblr, and my iPhone. See my tumblr blog here: […]

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