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THIS is my constant

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stupid little backend stuff. whew.

So, I totally killed my work’s website. I’m trying to upgrade PHP so I can upgrade moodle and make it work. So I go to the excellent Mark Liyanage’s site, download the packages and install on a test server. All works. I install on current server. All works. Sort of. Messing around a bit, I […]

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my daughter’s first IM

hi dady I love you school was great hugs and kissis love Hunter 7 off to have fun

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yes. yes, it is.

Online Gamers: Something To “W00t” About, Word Used As Exclamation Of Happiness Wins Merriam-Webster’s Online Word Of The Year – CBS News Expect cheers among hardcore online game enthusiasts when they learn Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year. Or, more accurately, expect them to “w00t.” “W00t,” a hybrid of letters and numbers used by gamers as […]

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Charlies Diary Id say that a prison with a suicide rate two to five times higher than normal — let alone spiking to 20 times higher than normal — has a problem. A big, festering, shitty problem. And sticking fingers in ears and chanting “theyre all terrorists, theyre in prison so they must be guilty,” […]

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new show checkin

Burn Notice: Been through 2 episodes. The highs: Bruce Cambell, Sharon Gless, and a grittiness that isn’t usually on USA. Also, two guest stars from Dexter. Could mean connection in production or directing. The lows: changing Sharon Gless into higher class, better hair mom after the pilot, and changing girlfriend into non-Irish brogue. I liked […]

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he’s back…

yep, they kept my guitar, safe and sound in the sluice box overnight. yay for honest alaskan bands and musicians. thanks to my sweet wife for going and retrieving my baby.

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Today is a sad day. I woke up this morning, went to my car, and started taking out the stuff form the gig: amplifier, bag o’ pedals and cords, …. where’s my guitar? My lovely Gibson Les Paul studio cut out with the gorgeous black finish and cheshire cat sticker I got with my nephew […]

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Cool Running :: The Runners Building Blocks

Cool Running :: The Runners Building Blocks Also keep in mind that its important to keep moving between the “hard” portions of your workout. All of the workouts discussed here involve the alternation of hard and easy efforts. “Easy” means a slow pace, maybe a jog. But it does not mean walking, stopping, or collapsing […]

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treehouse Originally uploaded by roblef. THis is what my neighbor and I spent the evening on. I started talking to him at around 3 pm or so, about wanting to build a platform or soem sort of cool house thing, and maybe it could go across the fence and be a shared asset, or some […]

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