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Charlie’s Diary: Bechdel’s Law

Charlie’s Diary: Bechdel’s Law The current decade is characterized by security anxieties writ large, a socially conservative culture of retreat from liberalism, and a strong anti-feminist backlash. Our popular media, far from being the bastions of liberal values that conservatives say they are, are actually belwethers of popular culture, amplifying, reinforcing, and reflecting our culture’s […]

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captain blasto

well produced, entertaining, and fun to watch:

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wow. never seen such speeds

My clearwire account was “managed” due to excessive upload bandwidth. I’d been experiencing crap internet for a few weeks, but didn’t tie it together (the crap internet happened before the email telling me about the excess usage). So I called them last night, and found out about the upload stuff, capped my bittorrent uploads at […]

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another good point

FlowTV | The Anachronism of Television Subscription Packages Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to note a positive aspect of the current situation – not so much in terms of economic advantages to cable companies, but of how the subscription package mechanism provides at least one distinct advantage for consumers. Having more channels than one may want […]

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new show

FlowTV | Therapy is Complicated: HBO’s Foray into Modular Storytelling with In Treatment Very interesting, indeed.

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