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fullscan of Transmet #8

fullscans_daily: Transmetropolitan #8, “Another Cold Morning”:

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halloween costume!

Alice says: Knight of Ni hat: “ Oh good lord, I have to have one: a plush Monty Python’s Knight of Ni hat! (Via Wonderland.)

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ScatterChat: anonymous, secure chat

ScatterChat: anonymous, secure chat: “ Cory Doctorow: ScatterChat is a new hactivist program from the Cult of the Dead Cow. It’s an anonymous chat program that combines gaim, an open source encrypted chat protocol, with TOR, an open source ‘onion router’ that disguises the origin and destination of packets, so that no one can know […]

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just like a mac, only ubuntu

Damn, this list makes me want to install ubuntu on my iMac. Can I do that without killing my iMac’s OS X partition…I’ll let you know. Essentials, 2006 edition [dive into mark]: “You are here: dive into mark → Archives → June 2006 → 26 → Essentials, 2006 edition Monday, June 26, 2006 Essentials, 2006 […]

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upper, lower, capitals

Apparently, Back when type was made out of individual metal letters, it was organized in two separate wooden cases. You guessed it! At the printer, where a page was set one letter at a time, capital letters were stored in the “upper case,” and the small letters were kept in the one underneath, called the […]

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idea for an innovative videogame

I’ve been thinking about how cool all this wifi and online gaming is. But with few exceptions, we find ways to all get together in a typical videogame world, and either shoot monsters, or shoot each other. What if we actually had an innovative game. I was reading a great book before bed last night, […]

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o, mimi, i love you

The worst part of the week was still to come, however, when the nanny (whom we employ because I am unwilling to take on the unfeminist task of childrearing) called in sick, and then Nora also came down with the pestilence, which in her case involved diarrhea and general listlessness. However, I have to say […]

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The Elders…

So, against our better judgement, we went to the Royal Fork this weekend for some food. We thought it might have lots of meat, being a Royal Fork and all – that being my prime requisite for an Atkin’s type of meal. Alas, it was mostly carbs, some carbs, and more carbs. Plus some sugar. […]

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Bathtub hacks

Bathtub hacks: “ Danielle (Foodmomiac) keeps tub toys unmucky this way: My four-year-old daughter has always loved the bath. She can easily spend upwards of an hour in the tub, so I’m always looking for ways to enhance the experience (both for her and for me!). One of my biggest peeves is dealing with storage […]

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every day

Yeah, ummm. right. OK, it’s been more than a day. It’ll be allright, I promise. Today I’m sitting at work, feeling pretty caught up after being gone for a week. i head out to Yakutat on Wednesday, and I’m scheduling a trip to Barrow in April. Which is cool, since I haven’t been to Barrow. […]

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