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Shelf-Awareness Book Review: Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I’m Grounded?: Stop Fighting, Start Talking, and Get to Know Your Teen

[Note: I write short book reviews for Shelf Awareness, a great website and newsletter book review service. I’ll be posting the reviews that don’t run in their newsletter, with their permission. The reviews I write are for the “Readers” edition of the newsletter.] Book: Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I’m Grounded?: Stop […]

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you’ve been missing me, i KNOW it.

I’ve not been blogging much here. Why not, you ask? Well, ’cause I’m involved in a new writing venture. I’m writing and editing sections of a website about video games. Here’s one piece of my writing: 360 Too Human? Too Melodramatic Demo Mini-Review | Games Are Evil: Console and Portable Gaming Magazine Which brings me […]

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mur lafferty posts ira glass

Damn. Mur is a great podcaster and writer, and she thinks she sucks. Well, Ira Glass apparently says EVERYONE sucks, at first. He puts it into a “taste” paradigm, saying that you have great taste in your chosen creative area, but at first will have output that falls short of your good taste. In short, […]

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ellis on writing

Dude can write. Awesome. FreakAngels » Interlude 02 See, this is the good bit about writing. It’s what keeps you going. It’s the wild rush of “shit, did I think of that?” with all kinds of weird chemicals shunting around your brain and ideas and images and moments and storyforms all opening up snapsnapsnap in […]

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Announcing The News from Poughkeepsie!

So, Mur LAfferty is giving away an idea a day for a year for writers. Link below to read her first post ont he topic. What a great way to get the creative juices flowing. Mur is the host of a podcast I listen to quite a bit (more so when I’m actually writing…) at […]

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Patrick Rothfuss – Dental Meditation

Patrick Rothfuss – Blog Anyway, it’s good for me. Not only because my teeth did need cleaning, but because I haven’t practiced my Buddhist meditation lately, and I typically only do that in situations like this. Here’s my philosophy. Any wanker can meditate at home, listening to Enya and sitting on his yoga mat. That’s […]

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scalzi on writing sf

whatever: scalzi’s blog of fun This is why sales matter in science fiction; more directly than nearly any other genre, the people who eventually write science fiction are the people who grow up reading science fiction. People start writing literary fiction as they tumble through writing programs at Sarah Lawrence or Bennington or Iowa because […]

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reading your work

Charlie’s Diary A friend, who recently sold her first novel, wrote to me (paraphrased): “help! I’m supposed to be giving a reading from my work at a science fiction convention! What do I do?” Readings, like signings, are one of the epiphenomena of writing: not a central part of the business, but people give you […]

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1-800-Magic: a Shadowrun machinima from Rooster Teeth Hah. Love Machinima, love Shadowrun (dunno if I’ll love the new game, but what the hell). This is both.

Also posted in nanowrimo | Leave a comment | alaska : Condo fire blankets downtown in smoke | alaska : Condo fire blankets downtown in smoke Daily News staff Published: June 5, 2007 Last Modified: June 5, 2007 at 04:43 PM Fire ripped through part of a downtown building of condominiums this afternoon, forcing the evacuation of the structure and covering much of downtown in thick black smoke. The blaze broke […]

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